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Welcome to the God Tunes Reviews ministry. My aim with God Tunes Reviews is to review and recommend inspirational and encouraging "God Tunes" that will encourage people in their walk with God, and to recommend what music is out there that has great lyrics and clean content. You can watch all the God Tunes Reviews below from many different encouraging albums. Thanks for watching and God bless!
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I am currently listening to great new music. I am preparing the next album review (10th instalment) and hope to have it up on YouTube by next week.

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Newsboys "Born Again" Album Review

G’day everyone and welcome to the 9th instalment of God Tunes Reviews. You can watch the previous eight reviews on my YouTube channel. On this week’s show however I’ll be reviewing probably the most anticipated album in Christian music from one of the most well known artists in the industry. I’m talking about the Newsboys, and their new album released on July 13th of this year titled “Born Again”.

LATEST VIDEO: Episode 9- Newsboys "Born Again" Album Review